Shortlisted for Inspirational Father at The Butterfly Awards 2017

I’m delighted to say that I have been shortlisted for the Inspirational Father award at The Butterfly Awards 2017!

It was a complete surprise after Nickie (my wonderful wife and Theo’s Mummy) had nominated me for the awards some time ago. The first I knew was the weekend we were away for the Great North Swim in the Lake District, which was the last of the original three charity events that we signed up for after losing Theo. When we returned home Nickie kept asking me ‘Have you checked your email?’ and as I read my emails it was great to see I’d been nominated for the Inspirational Father award.

The email showed Nickie’s lovely words regarding my nomination for the award, which as I read it, brought a tear to my eyes. Just reading how Nickie felt I’d supported her and provided inspiration over the last few months meant the world to me. I had heard of the Butterfly Awards from Twitter and I knew that they did a remembrance candle, but I never expected to get nominated for an award.

The awards are a celebration of the positives that come to light in the toughest moments. As a bereaved father, I can say it’s hard. Not just your own grief, but the support I think every man tries to give to his partner. None more so than when coping with the devastating loss of a baby. It can be a lonely place and especially for the Dads, as it’s often seen more as a mothers loss rather than a fathers. I’ve just done whats come naturally to me and tried to support Nickie as best I can. Even through the hardest moments of the grief journey, I’ve always tried to be positive, for Theo as much as for myself and Nickie. For me, it’s important that we do try and speak positively about Theo. As horrible as it is that he’s not here and we’d change it in an instant, we will try and tell our story in the hope that it may just help someone one day as well as importantly raise awareness around stillbirth and babyloss.

It was lovely to be nominated, but I never expected to get shortlisted – who does? But once again I had Nickie asking if I’d checked my email and there it was, an email saying that I’d been shortlisted!

I’m now one of only twelve people shortlisted for ‘Inspirational Father 2017’ and we’re looking forward going to the awards evening in Worcester. It’ll be a great evening which is held on the Saturday of the International Wave of Light week, making it all the more meaningful. The evening will no doubt be full of inspirational people, stories, and worthy winners. I’m really thankful to Nickie for the nomination and to Jade & Mel for hosting the awards, which is a great example of how the community can pull together and help support each other.

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