Tommy’s #movementsmatter campaign


Tommy’s recently launched a new campaign helping raise awareness of reduced fetal movements and encouraging mums-to-be to get to know their baby’s patterns and movements. The campaign highlights the current recommendations if you experience reduced fetal movements, primarily prompting people to call their midwife or maternity unit immediately if there is any change and not to worry about phoning in. Encouraging people to get in touch when they’re concerned and trusting their instincts from getting to know their baby’s movements is at the heart of the campaign.

The more this is encouraged, the more babies lives will be saved, as this can often be one of the first signs that something might be wrong. Those few hours or minutes could make a real difference. We’re still awaiting the results regarding Theo’s investigation and postmortem, like many we noticed that Theo was quieter that day. We got in touch with the MAU and headed immediately for the hospital, but unfortunately we were painfully too late.

There will be people that act because of this campaign and it will genuinely save babies lives. Raising awareness of the early warning signs and prompting people to not hesitate, which is most peoples natural reaction and to get in touch immediately.

Fine out more about the #MovementsMatter campaign and watch the film below:

When to call the midwife

Tommy’s produced the following A2 poster highlighting a number of key symptoms which people should raise with there midwife or maternity. As with the #MovementsMatter it’s important people know the symptoms and don’t feel anxious about getting in touch or feeling like they’re troubling their midwife. Another great example of Tommy’s raising awareness and encouraging people to err on the side of caution with any concerns and get in touch.

When to call the midwife

PDF version available for print here.

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