Welcome to our new website

Creating the website was a personal venture for me, as a web developer myself I’m fortunate that I’m able to create a site to talk about Theo, tell our story and raise awareness of stillbirth.

We decided to create the website to update people on how the various events and training are going, as we plan to do several events next year, primarily the London to Paris bike ride for Sands.

I’ve done a few marathons and triathlons, but never usually raise money for charity as I do them for personal pleasure and enjoy the training – plus keeping healthy. While I will enjoy the training for the events, these are different and the aim is to allow us to tell the story and doing various events will help us talk about Theo and do something positive in his name.

We’ll also be writing the odd blog post, which could be how we’re feeling, how training or events go, through to documenting some of the things we’ve been through such as funeral planning, readings etc in the hope it may help someone else. As there are so many things we’d never thought we’d have to deal with, it’s something that will be with us forever and we’ve already taken some huge steps. It anything we do through the website or events just one person or the money contributes towards the research which saves a baby one day it’ll all be worth while. Ultimately we’re aiming to do Theo proud and help support in anyway we can anyone else who finds themselves in this position.

Thank you for visiting the site 🙂

Andy, Nickie and Theo xx

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